Autonomous Page Test Index Application

Like an application component, but load it into the router component to render it when the route matches one of a set of pre-set routes. This is a special type of application component as it loads on damand. Bootstraped from a bootstrap file, by importing into a bigger application or direct as html script (ensure you build fallback for IE support).


PageTestIndex Usage Inside Application

 * @public @constructor @name constructor
 * @description Process called function triggered when component is instantiated (but not ready or in DOM, must call super() first)
constructor() {
	this._routes = [
		{ component: 'app-test-index', path: 'home', label: 'Home' },
		{ component: 'app-test-one', path: 'one', label: 'One' },
		{ component: 'app-test-two', path: 'two', label: 'Two' },
		{ component: 'app-test-three', path: 'three', label: 'Three' },
		{ component: 'app-test-four', path: 'four', label: 'Four' },
		{ component: 'app-test-five', path: 'five', label: 'Five' },
		{ component: 'app-not-found', path: '404', label: '404', hidden: true }

 * @public @name template
 * @description Template function to return web component HTML template
 * @return {TemplateResult} HTML template result
static template() {
	return html`
			:host { display: block; width: 100%; height: 100%; }

		<my-router .route="${this._route}" .routes="${this._routes}" default="home" not-found="404" @change="${this._changeRoute.bind(this)}"></my-router>

PageTestIndex Class page-test-index.mjs

import { CustomHTMLElement, html } from '../../../../node_modules/custom-web-component/index.js';

class PageTestIndex extends CustomHTMLElement {
	// Define a template
	static template() {
		return html`		
			<div id="page-test-index">
				<p>Lucas ipsum dolor sit amet wookiee obi-wan moff calrissian ackbar c-3po qui-gonn skywalker solo biggs. Binks obi-wan
					grievous darth sidious. Jinn yavin antilles bespin darth baba c-3po grievous. Hutt ponda wookiee jinn gonk kashyyyk.
					Antilles coruscant tusken raider organa lars wicket. Tusken raider antilles moff tusken raider. Baba wedge antilles
					solo solo skywalker boba obi-wan darth. Ben c-3po maul zabrak lando ventress. Hutt ponda qui-gonn palpatine.
					Mandalorians moff dantooine darth windu gonk ackbar.</p>
				<p>Jabba ackbar solo dantooine fisto calamari wicket moff darth. Luke coruscant wedge jango ackbar hutt ben fett.
					jango owen ponda baba palpatine. Maul wicket tatooine organa lando. Dooku maul fett ackbar darth jango. Solo yoda boba
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					kenobi solo yavin secura bothan antilles. Boba hutt grievous mara padmé antilles. Anakin watto kenobi dantooine. Boba
					windu ackbar moff. Darth antilles solo organa darth ben mara maul dooku.</p>
				<p>Mandalore kamino ben ewok darth antilles darth. Dagobah mandalorians palpatine mon skywalker binks zabrak. Luke solo
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					twi'lek darth skywalker kessel.</p>
				<p>Windu obi-wan obi-wan skywalker grievous sidious. Biggs yavin anakin kenobi. Anakin ackbar lobot endor organa.
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				<p>Hutt binks hutt darth kamino. Watto c-3p0 ben han dagobah kenobi yavin. Maul jade k-3po binks. Amidala gamorrean
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					jar cade antilles. Leia dantooine ponda maul mon biggs obi-wan.</p>

	connected() {

	templateUpdated() {

	disconnected() {

customElements.define('page-test-index', PageTestIndex);